Power of three to tackle skills shortage

Apprentice-based training provides opportunities for managers at every career stage. By working alongside employers and learning providers, the opportunities for individuals are vast.

CMI Southern Chair, David Sullivan, met with members, HE providers and organisation HR teams which form what CMI describes as ‘The Power of Three’ in addressing the country’s skill shortage.

He said: “There is currently a desperate shortage of trained managers and leaders in UK industry with only one in five trained in management and leadership – the ‘accidental manager’. One key impact is that UK’s productivity is 18% below the EU average and is costing about £18 billion in absenteeism alone with a total cost of poor management and leadership costing the UK as much as £90 billion per year!”

CMI research, Skills First Report, shows that the UK will need another 1.9M trained managers by 2024. This skills gap is being addressed by the CMI working with the Government’s Apprenticeship initiative, learning providers and employers to deliver leadership and management apprenticeships. These apprenticeships are already available at Levels 3 (Team Leader), Level 5 (Operations Manager), the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship at Level 6 and an anticipated Senior Leaders programme at Level 7.

At the ‘Power of Three’ conference in May 2017, David discussed with members CMI’s top tips for leading in these uncertain times:

  • boost people productivity – train your staff
  • build trust behaviours
    • share your thinking
    • admit to your mistakes
    • encourage the raising of ‘bad news’
    • be more inspirational, be visible
    • uphold the organisation’s values
  • embrace diversity
    • a diverse workforce has been shown to outperform competitors by 15%
    • improved diversity could add £150 billion to the UK’s GDP
    • risks can be better managed with wider perspectives
    • celebrate role models – both men and women
    • ensure your recruitment and training processes are diverse
    • embrace flexible working
    • call-out bad behaviour
  • embed apprenticeships
    • apprenticeships are not just for young and new entrants. They can be accessed throughout a career
    • only 2% of employers will need to pay the levy but they employ 70% of the workforce.

Find out how CMI works with higher education providers and employers and to explore its apprenticeship programme – CMI Leadership and Management Apprenticeships.

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