Start as you mean to go on

A key strength of CMI is its focus on developing managers and leaders at all levels from aspiring team leaders to board level throughout their life from student to retirement.

CMI partners with third party training organisations, Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) organisations to deliver a wide range of learning opportunities from a level 2 Team Leading course to modern apprenticeships, accredited degree courses and Masters level qualifications.

CMI’s annual Awards and HE conference recognises the higher education institutions that are making a difference to graduate employability, student experience and professional recognition through their partnership with CMI. The February 2019 conference highlighted the effort, commitment and demonstrable success HE’s are seeing from their programmes to increase the employability of their students.

HE partners who have embedded CMI core modules and resources e.g. ManagementDirect, Career development centre, CMI mentoring, CMI events etc. into their curriculum are able to show a significant increase in the value they and their students gain from their CMI partnership, boosting employability by 10%. CMI research found 69% of students say CMI resources gave them the confidence to tackle academic and employment challenges.

Gillian Saieva, Head of Business, Finance & Accounting and Higher and Degree Apprenticeships, School of Business, Law & Communications, Solent University and CMI Southern Board member observed:

“In my opinion the impact of HE Partnerships made some five years ago are now really starting to show. Some examples of best practice were shown and the increasing internal reach of the institute are clear to be seen.”

HE partners who identified bold initiatives found CMI to be an engaged and flexible partner who helped them to achieve their goals. Bob Cryan, Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive, University of Huddersfield shared a powerful example of his leadership and CMI partnership in action. He posed three questions to his executive team:

  • what gives you the right to teach?
  • who do you want in front of your son/daughter?
  • would you want your child taught in this environment?

Answering these questions led Bob and his entire executive team to enrol for a CMI level 7 qualification. This programme answered Bob’s first question, created a common management language across his team, strengthened teamwork and reminded the executives what it was like to be a part-time student. The programme is now rolling out throughout the management team. Ongoing financial savings generated from the programme make the it self-funding in future years.

Are you courageous enough to ask the equivalent questions of your organisation and take action?

Jo Strain, CMI Southern Lead for Inclusion

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