Embracing conflict?

Conflict is a natural part of life and work. Handled well it creates harmony and can inspire creativity and innovation. Yet in 2012 workplace conflict was estimated to cost the UK £33 billion per year.*


Workplace clashes can stem from little things, such as, dirty mugs left in the staff kitchen sink, to major conflicts based on fundamental differences in beliefs and values.

Mike Myatt, a top coach to Fortune 500 CEOs and their Boards said ‘Don’t fear conflict, embrace it – it’s your job’. Nearly 2/3rds of managers are not so fearless. CMI research found 61% of people would like to learn how to manage workplace conversations with more confidence.**

There are many free resources available to develop an understanding of the causes of conflict, techniques for managing conflict and how to avoid conflict in the first place. Follow the links below for specific guidance.

Managing conflict may never be something you relish but with training and practice it can become easier and more effective.

Blog by Peter Fisher, CMI Southern SME Champion

More information about conflict management

*An independent approach to resolving conflict in the workplace, HR Magazine, September 2012

**The 10 most difficult conversations new surprising research, Chartered Management Institute, July 2015

Many resources to learn more about managing conflict in the workplace are available to CMI members through CMI Management Direct.

A specific resources sheet has been developed by CMI Southern to signpost additional resources to enable you to manage conflict more effectively. If you are a CMI member, contact us to be emailed a copy of the resources sheet.

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