Students highlight professional development

1 August 2018

CMI Southern’s student ambassadors share their experiences of working with the board and the institute

Project Introduction

Like most final year University students, we’re required to undertake a project. Instead of doing a standard dissertation, we wanted to do something a bit different and more practical, so we chose to do an entrepreneurship project in collaboration with the University and the CMI. This project stood out to us as CMI had caught our attention at our induction week, and we wanted to know more.

The aim of our project is to build and launch a CMI@BU network focusing on raising awareness and engagement levels of CMI at the University. The hope is that it would bring together students who are passionate about developing their management and leadership skills in years to come.

Impact of Project

During our project, we’ve had the chance to spread the word about CMI to our fellow peers. We’ve been into multiple lectures across all levels to explain to students how it can benefit them, and this ultimately led to more students making use of CMI’s great resources online. We’ve also promoted some of the great events that CMI has put on, such as the CMI Women panel earlier in the year. We’re also currently trying to raise awareness of the Future Leaders programme which was recently announced.

Since we will unfortunately be leaving BU at the end of the 2018 summer term, we have also recruited more CMI student ambassadors to take over from us in the 2018/2019 academic year. This will consist of 12 students across all levels, so the word should spread about CMI a lot quicker next year. We’re proud to be the first two CMI student ambassadors at BU and are looking forward to seeing the progress that our successors make. We’ve recently held a handover session with these students to bring them up to seed on what it means to be a CMI student ambassador, so the work we leave behind should be in good hands!

Our Overall Experience with CMI

Overall, we’ve really enjoyed our time working with the CMI and the CMI Southern Board on developing this partnership. We’ve been to some excellent events such as the ‘CMI Higher Education Conference’ in London and the ‘Celebrating Members Success’ event in Southampton. These events were really eye opening into how important the role of management and leadership can be, and also gave us a fantastic opportunity to network – something that you don’t often get the chance to practice at University!

We would also like to thank the Southern Board for allowing us to attend the southern board meeting to present some of our recommendations. It was a great experience to be involved with and appreciated the warm welcome from all.

We hope that our work has further strengthened the relationship between BU and CMI and are excited to see future students get involved as much as we have. If we’d have been given the opportunity to become members of CMI earlier in our academic career we definitely would have taken it! This project has shown us how important professional bodies such as CMI are, and we plan to stay involved throughout our careers.

By Tyler Lee & James Marshall, Bournemouth University’s CMI student ambassadors

> Faculty of Management, Bournemouth University

> CMI Student Ambassadors (CMI website)