Time Management webinar – 22 Nov 2017

Wednesday 22 November 2017, 6.30pm
Webinar: Time Management – Taking Back Control

‘Always on managers’ are now working 29 days extra per year and are suffering rising levels of stress according to the Chartered Management Institute’s Quality of Working Life study. This in the equivalent of cancelling out an employee’s minimum holiday entitlement of 28 days.

According to the same study, published in 2016, 54% of managers reported their working hours have a negative effect on their stress levels. Stress was found to be more than three times as common among those working long hours. The study found that 30% of those who work more than three hours per day extra are stressed compared to just 6% of those who do not work additional hours. The research revealed that 54% of managers regularly check their emails outside of working hours and 21% of managers check their emails all the time.

Our webinar speaker Peter Fisher CMgr asks: “Do you constantly feel that there is too much to do and too little time? Do you wish you had more time to spend with your family and feel frustrated about the ever-increasing demands from your employer or manager? Is your task list leading to anxiety and sleepless nights?”

Peter  (pictured left) believes the most fundamental element of personal success, both in the workplace and at home, is time management.

The CMI Southern Time Management CPD webinar on 22/11/2017 will be available free to managers and leaders. It will guide you through a processes of effective time management and introduce you to tips and techniques you can use immediately to help you take back control and enhance your productivity and well-being.

Peter Fisher said: “This webinar is designed to enable managers to immediately implement small changes that will lead to a big impact on productivity.”

You can book a place on this webinar using the link below.

Time Management Webinar 22 Nov 2017 – Taking Back Control

If you have a case study or tips which could be included in the materials from this webinar, please email the CMI Southern team.


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