Tools to Counter Everyday Sexism

CMI is releasing a series of new resources to help individuals and organisations to manage common sexist behaviours more effectively. These often unconscious deeds can corrode individual confidence, perpetuate existing narrow cultures and undermine diversity initiatives.

CMI’s recent research highlights employers’ current approaches to achieving gender balance and showcases the best-in-class practices that are starting to achieve real change. It also identified the smaller discriminatory behaviours, sometimes accidental which undermine efforts to create an inclusive culture.

To complement the research findings, “CMI’s Inequality: a How To Guide” will reveal the little things that make a difference! Share your generic solutions in the CMI Southern LinkedIn group or by sending us a respone to this blog.

A new closed CMI Women Facebook group [link: ] enables members to safely share their day-to-day experiences and solutions for everyday sexism and bias in the workplace. This simple tool will help us all to find the best ways to create more inclusive cultures. This group is open to women from any industry who work in or aspire to a position in management or leadership.

To kick start the conversation CMI hosted a CMI Women Facebook Live Q&A session on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2018.

Blog by Jo Strain, CMI Southern Inclusion Lead