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James Marshall, a previous Student Ambassador, shares how CMI materials help him in his ongoing development and preparing for future working roles.

“I went travelling after university and now have settled into my new home in Wales, I found the CMI Insight emails were a great tool to catch up on anything that I had missed,” said James, who was one of the ambassadors for the region at Bournemouth University.

“One example of this was the insight into work life balance from Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, describing it as more of a circle. This was good to see as Jeff Bezos has been a big figure in the news recently due to becoming the richest man in the world by a sizeable amount. It was nice to see CMI discuss a different topic with him.”

Another insight that caught James’ eye was the piece on mental health in the workplace at Lloyds. James said: “Mental health at work is an issue which is getting more and more attention every year which is good to see. It is positive that we all talk about managing mental health more often. It’s also good to see that CMI’s regular research into Quality of Working Life  highlighting areas of concern, and what to look out for in the workplace if or when I become a manager in the future.”

Since leaving University and returning from travelling, James has been preparing for graduate scheme applications whilst also working a full time job in the hospitality industry. Working full time can make it more difficult to find time to prepare for the further stages of the graduate scheme applications, such as interviews and assessment centres.

James said: “The main way that I have been practising for applications and assessment centres is by using the tools on CMI’s Career Development Centre. These are time effective as everything is in one convenient place, and is very easy to navigate. A key tool I have used is the Interview Simulator. It seems to cover most of the tricky questions that you could come across and it’s so much easier than finding articles from various sources that ultimately seem to contradict each other.

“I think this tool would have been excellent when I was applying for placement schemes in second year at University. It’s a similar process to what I’m doing now. I remember preparing for placement interviews as being very frantic, especially when trying to balance applications and interview prep with University work.”

He added: “If I could wave a magic wand, I think access to CMI’s CPD for second year students who are about to go on placement would be very helpful for students and the University.”

You can read more about the experience and learnings gained by CMI Student Ambassadors James and Tyler Lee in their reflection on the programme.

CMI Southern Region wish James every success in his graduate job search and thank him for his work as a Student Ambassador.

Jo Strain, CMI Southern Board Lead for Inclusion in the Workplace, said: “We look forward to hearing more from James and our other student ambassadors as they journey through their leadership careers.”

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