Women managers & leaders

logo for cmi women in black colour on a purple lineThe CMI believes ‘diversity is the foundation for good leadership and management as it improves financials, creates a better culture and ensures less risky decision making.’

This is why it launched the CMI Women initiative in 2016, which evolved from the Women in Management Network (WiM). The CMI want “organisations to embrace gender diversity and put it at the heart of their agenda and business practice.”

A CMI analysis in 2016 revealed the UK economy will need 2 million new managers by 2024 – and to achieve gender balance, 1.5 million will need to be women. Its report found:

  • men currently outnumber women in management roles 2:1
  • 73% of women form junior roles – but go missing at middle management levels – down to 43%
  • CMI created a ‘Blueprint for Balance’ to provide an open source of practical tools and support to help businesses achieve gender parity in management


CMI Women

In November 2016, the institute launched CMI Women, an initiative that aims to achieve gender parity across the UK’s management population by 2024, and to help employers unlock more value in the country’s workforce to address the productivity gap.

  • CMI Women initiative (CMI website)
  • Join CMI Women (CMI website)
  • CMI Women’s Blueprint for Balance – a free online, open source tool to promote diversity in the workplace, launched January 2017. You can browse latest resources or search for items by area including promoting leadership equality, flexible working, balanced recruitment, mentoring and sponsorship, pay and rewards, skills and career development.

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